square cat by elizabeth schoonmaker

The book that started it all.

I was at work, at the bookstore where I have worked for the past 5 and a half years. It was about 20 minutes to close. I saw this book and exclaimed “Museo!” then checked the copyright page to check my skills. Correct in my typeface identification, I then allowed myself a peek inside the book.

You see, I am a nerd. As a design student, I can hardly remember the  days when an ugly sign might have escaped my notice, or Papyrus on a cocktail menu or Yoga studio did not elicit a sneer. A good friend and classmate often warns first years at our school “you can’t turn it off.” He’s right. I can’t turn it off. It just gets worse and worse. But it’s also more and more satisfying. Noticing things. Knowing what’s wrong with it, knowing how you’d fix it.

In any event, after looking at Elizabeth Schoonmaker’s “Square Cat,” thinking it was cute (but not nearly as cute as the other books I’m excited about writing about on this blog, sorry, Elizabeth—I do like the illustrations), then impulsively taking photos of the book and other recent favorites around my section, I started this blog. So that’s that. I’m gonna write about children’s books, illustration, graphic design and who knows what else. What a night.