This entry is about two board books of differing quality. One, I love, the other, I have much disdain for. Both display a mighty disrespect for tasteful typography. The first, the one I love, is Girl of Mine, by Jabari Asim, with gorgeous illustrations by LeUyen Pham. I love it. I sell it all the time. It is a companion to Boy of Mine, a similar title. Asim and Pham have also co-produced Whose Toes are Those and Whose Knees are These, more board books, also well loved and sold in the bookstore I work at. My confusion is with the type. First of all, I’m not crazy about the typeface. But I see why it was chosen and can forgive … someone for that. Why is it that on the first few pages, the type is simple and black, and then switches inexplicably to having a white stroke around it with a dropshadow? Rules are made to be broken, but I’m pretty sure my favorite teachers would have a fit if I turned something like that in. Why the inconsistency? As far as I can tell, the mutated letterforms are less legible with all the accessories they’re wearing, so why do it at all?

And now Good Night Seattle, by Jay Steere with illustrations by Joe Veno. People ask for it all the time. I steer them towards something else of slightly better quality that achieves the same goal. They buy this one anyway because they’ve heard good things about it. They’ve heard about it because these guys have a book for every major city in the States. They’ve heard of it because it’s as generic as books come. It’s familiar to them because it’s TYPESET IN COMIC SANS. I’m sorry to caps lock, there, but if I say anything else it will be offensive and I will feel bad. Because I am nice.