When we saw the F&G (preview from the publisher, not bound, just Folded and Gathered) version of Little Owl Lost, by Chris Haughton a while back, my boss was mad for it. She showed us all. She wasn’t the only one who liked it, but certainly the most avid about it. I thought it was cute, but nothing out of the ordinary. Great illustrations, to be sure. Good colors, etcetera, etcetera. Just nothing that pushed it over the edge.

When the book came to us in August, however, it was a different story. Was it the spot UV on the cover? The gorgeous quality of the paper inside? This little detail?

It was all of those things. It just proves how important production can be in design. The F&G was just a sample. It was made from some low quality paper stock, it didn’t show the little flip page action, and the cover didn’t have the shiny type. One woman didn’t even remember seeing the F&G. As soon as I touched the real book, started flipping through the pages, I had an instant appreciation for it. It changed so much in my mind from F&G to fruition. An I’m glad it did. Beautiful book. And now I can hold in my hand a reminder why production is important.

I’m going to leave you with this.

How can you resist a tall, pink squirrel?

Candlewick, August 2010.