The Tree House, by Marije & Ronald Tolman was an instant hit at the kids’ desk. Another in the wordless book trend that’s been happening, this one is rich in color and imagination. A tree house through the seasons, watch how it changes. I’d love to look at this book with a child and listen to their observations.

Here are a couple of images from inside.  The scale of the book is pretty large for a picture book, so I focused on smaller parts of the whole illustration. This is one you’d really benefit from holding in your hands (although, I say that about every book, to be fair); the quality of the paper is good, there is so much to find in each illustration. These pictures here are some of my favorite things that I found.

Detail, with books

Flamingo Detail

Detail of Sky with Flamingo

The Tree House came out in May of 2010 from Lemniscaat USA.