Written by Albert Bitterman, with illustrations by Chris Raschka

Oh I love me some Chris Raschka illustrations. And these might be some of my favorites. This time they are housed in an interactive book with a charming story; something about them shines in Fortune Cookies. This is Albert Bitterman‘s first book. And what a book! A book that itches to be read aloud, a book with a message that doesn’t suck and some really cute kittens and a little girl, a book to be proud of. And worthy of the rockstar illustrator Raschka, too.

In school they always tell us to do our research, read the copy before we select a font and lay it out, know who said that quote we’re putting on a poster and why. Immerse yourself in the company you’re creating an identity for.

Blogging is somewhat less serious than that, to be honest. It’s late, I should be in bed, but I decided to post first. And I could have rushed it. I almost clicked past it. But in the end, I’m glad I did my research, and read the article I almost dismissed about bookseller Pete Cowdin.

He’s a bitter bookstore owner in Kansas City, co-owning children’s book shop Reading Reptile with his wife Debbie. He hates the same megagiant predatory bookstore that I do (as an independent bookseller, how could you not?), he wishes that children’s books were taken more seriously and given real criticism. This guy is awesome. And he can write. So congratulations Mr. Cowdin, or Mr. Bitterman. You’re an inspiration to all of us bitter children’s booksellers out there, especially the writerly ones.

Oh, I love it! I do, I want to read this one aloud.