Racecars and rockets, oh my!

(Warning: this post is subject to both nostalgia and the memory of a child.)

This book reminds me of my younger brother. He’s a civil engineer, well he will be if someone hires him (anyone? Looking for a really smart and forward thinking engineer? Just checking.), and when we were kids, we literally played in cardboard boxes. But it was Joe who put them to the best use.

One time it was a boombox, another was a spaceship. He wouldn’t just sit in the box, he would try and make it look like it looked in his head. And he would try to make working parts. Of course it was cardboard, so it never did anything, but he would try.

I love the paper choices they made!

Why are you sitting in that box?

This book, by Antoinette Portis, is the embodiment of Joe, as I remember him, with his blond curls and concentration face. And so I love it.

It's not a box.

But it’s also totally beautiful! Look at this! So spare, so simple, and did you notice, on the cover, the little net wt. in red? Nice touch!

So many options for just one box!

This page has the most color in the whole book. Imagination! A theme I love in children’s books. So important to keep as you grow older. It’s what keeps me laughing every day.