This book features a little blond girl with a huge grin doing truly progressively worse things on each page. Such as filling her mouth with hair. Combing her hair with the toilet brush. Sculpting with cat litter.

That's Disgusting, by Franceso Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

The illustrations are simple, expressive and hilarious. The book is hard to sell. Sometimes you get one of those families, where you get an idea of their sense of humor, and you know: this is one of those rare families who might just like it. But many times, pooping in the bathtub is just too much for even the people who say they’re looking for “something weird” and “funny.”

smelling a sockI have two brothers, and I’ve always gotten a kick out of more, shall we say, sophomoric humor. I always will. So watching this little whippersnapper smiling her face off while throwing up at the dinner table makes me laugh.

throwing up at the tableThat’s Disgusting (I won’t link to Amazon or B&N, but there are no good links for this book), by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais came out in February 2004, from Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers.