Invisible Art, compiled by the Art BrothersWhat can I say about this book. It’s out of print. So if you want to buy it, you’ll have to find it in used bookstores or online. Which is fine, it’s just sad. But inevitable; this is a singular book. Books like this don’t survive in the publishing climate today. Also, it came out in 1999, so it’s old in book years.

This quote from the publisher is a good explanation, since I think this book needs one: “This book attempts to show us beautiful things which are not ordinarily thought of as beautiful—to make invisible art visible. The authors believe that too many people think that art is confined to museums and galleries, whereas, in truth, it is all around us … The ART in this book is INVISIBLE in the sense that much of it has been overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten. Further, a prevailing notion that art is to be found only in museums and galleries keeps most of us from the full enjoyment of the visual pleasure which life offers.”

(Unfortunately, you can’t find the book on the publisher’s page anymore, and I actually stole this quote from here, but they got it from the publisher.)

Table of Contents

Not convinced? Look at the subects they focus on!

Seriously. “Men and Women in Boats?” “Big and Little in Advertising?” What does it all mean? Wait, that’s not a chapter, but they do have a section called “What is it?”Big & Little

Big & Little 2


Also featured: “Personifications of Mountains,” “Pages from a Photo Album” and “Letters from Lewis Carroll.”

1999 Laughing Elephant Press.