Beware the Frog, by William Bee

Front Cover...

Beware of the Frog, Back Cover

... Back Cover

Beware of the Frog, by William Bee is a fun book. I LOVE the dual covers: the minimalist design, the crazed glint in the eye of the frog, the colors. I love the backwards type. This story is a little … well, it’s like many of the picture books I love, in that it’s a little dark and someone perishes in a humorous fashion. I love the wide-eyed silliness that this book possesses.

More pictures from inside:

The ProblemThe SolutionI’ve been AWOL because I have had a ton of homework to do, plus I was really sick. So I’ve been busy. But I’ve got some great books to write about coming up, so we can all look forward to that!