The assignment: to improve on an existing poster. The poster I found was plastered all over Pine Street, and was solely typographic with some bad typeface choices… So I fixed it (with invaluable input from my friends Kevin Cox, Matt Sowecke, Courtney Comfort and Nevena Stoeva. Sometimes you need a lot of help.)

A friend and classmate, Druscilla Santiago, asked: “Wouldn’t you just love it if that were your job, just designing posters?” Which got Kevin and I talking about how awesome it would be to only REdesign posters. And when I think about it, that’s really one of the reasons we’re all here. We all see these things out in the world and think: I could do that better. And so I’m thankful that our teacher saw fit to let us have the chance.
Super busy right now, and my home computer is on the outs. I don’t know how frequently I can post for the next couple weeks, but I’ll do what I can!