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Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

Ok, yeah. So this exists.I have not shared my intense love of postcard books or postcard collections with you yet. But I’m gonna start now. With this. The brand new Where’s Waldo Postcard Book. I saw it on display when I arrived at work yesterday and got super excited.

The bold type! The rounded corners! LOVE THAT RED!

The cover is, unfortunately, the best part. The insides are a little shiny for my taste…Shiny insidesBut I’m still probably gonna buy it. On a different note, have you tried to find Waldo recently? It is pretty easy now that I’m grown. I always spent forever pouring over those pages when I was a wee one, but now it’s over in a flash. One of the many aspects of growing up.

The End

The End

That’s all for now; I will have to share some more from my postcard book collection some other time.

Lemony & Lisa, sitting in a tree.


My excellent friend Anna made this awesome display about authors and illustrators who are in love. It reminded me how much I love this book, to the left here. Not the one on the left, but the one on the right in the picture to the left. Who’s on first? Lisa Brown is married to Daniel Handler, AKA: Lemony Snicket. And it’s no surprise. They both have a strange sense of humor. I prefer Brown’s brand over Handler’s. That’s just me.

How to Be, by Lisa Brown is wonderful. It is sweet, funny and has a good message, but it’s not saccharine or stupid. Here’s a closeup, with a chipmunk puppet, as well as some interior shots.CoverInside, it's so pretty!
How to be a BearHow to be a SnakeAnd last but not least (and the advice on this one is like this: take the best aspects of all the animals I just talked about. Be charming like a snake, loyal like a dog, curious like a monkey—playful like a monkey? But most of all? Be yourself.): How to be a Person.How to be a Person

The Tree House, by Marije & Ronald Tolman was an instant hit at the kids’ desk. Another in the wordless book trend that’s been happening, this one is rich in color and imagination. A tree house through the seasons, watch how it changes. I’d love to look at this book with a child and listen to their observations.

Here are a couple of images from inside.  The scale of the book is pretty large for a picture book, so I focused on smaller parts of the whole illustration. This is one you’d really benefit from holding in your hands (although, I say that about every book, to be fair); the quality of the paper is good, there is so much to find in each illustration. These pictures here are some of my favorite things that I found.

Detail, with books

Flamingo Detail

Detail of Sky with Flamingo

The Tree House came out in May of 2010 from Lemniscaat USA.