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So, I know it’s been a long time. I’m sorry. I’ve been working on tweaking/reworking all of my work for this. It’s been hard. And will continue to be so. But I have a super post I’m working on right now. It’s even got a Mo Willems picture book,

Amanda & Her Alligator—detail, girl reading upside down, mo willems

Amanda & Her Alligator—detail

when I (SHOCK AND AWE) don’t always love Mo Willems! Unless he writes about dinosaurs or works with Jon Muth. I know, sacriligious for a bookseller, but what can I say? I think he can be funny, and even is funny (and sweet and charming). But the pigeon books annoy the crap outta me. There, I said it. Sorry, Mo. Hope you’re not reading, and if you are, you can see that I do like many of your books. The new one, Amanda & Her Alligator is one of those. A lot. But I’m getting way ahead of myself, because I wasn’t going to write about that today.

Fake Book Store Collateral

Fake Book Store Collateral

I was going to talk about what I’m doing now. That’s right, I want to talk about me. Me, me, me.

So here’s the list: adding new pieces to old projects, updating logos, perfecting identity pieces, printing so many signatures for the book I redesigned…

Book Redesign Detail

Book Redesign Detail

Even more:  designing two covers for another book, working on a portfolio website, thinking about any pieces I may have missed that should be a part of my portfolio… and working and eating and sleeping.

So later this week, when I have access to all the photos that were going to be in this promised “super post,” I will finish it and you will understand the meaning of the word “super.” Now that I have put large shoes in front of me on the ground, I will try to fill them soon.


Illustration for a poster

This week’s poster theme is the seven deadly sins. I was assigned wrath. If the poster turns out as cool as my illustration, I’ll put it up.


Partial Illustration for school assignment







This is part of a larger illustration with Kevin Cox to cover some windows at the Gym at my school. Who knows if our concept will be chosen, I just love this guy! He’s hanging out in the sauna, with a big old giraffe head. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Illustration for Book Redesign




This one is not as current, I did it months ago. It’s for a redesign of the wonderful midfiction title What the Moon Saw, by Laura Resau. One of my personal favorites, although I haven’t quite finished this project. Here’s hoping!