Slipcase! Two books in one!

The book (or, books) in their slipcase

That’s right. The Lego Book. It’s chock full of information on the different sets, collectibles, theme parks, contests, the list goes on. And, I know. THEME PARKS? There are lego theme parks? Wait, I’ve been to that huge Lego store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Does that count? This book can tell you. It would tell you so much more, if you’d only let it. I didn’t. I just took pictures, geeking out on the Robin Hood set of my youth, the Spanish Armada my brothers lusted over and finally got. We sank those ships over and over again. By sank, I mean destroyed—methodically or chaotically—either way was fun. What was not fun was stepping on stray pieces left on the floor. Know what I’m talking about? The endpapers of this book do.


Endpapers: That’s What’s Up.

Two books together

Two glorious books together

I loved playing legos with my brothers. And though it was partially about creating things and then destroying them—which we did a lot—it was also about the figurines. They were like dolls. And I had Barbies (well, I did until I gave them to my best friend Morgan in 4th grade to shoot up with his BB gun) to play with, I had baby dolls and teddy bears and whatnot, but I didn’t have little astronauts and knights and pirate captains. And there was something about their little faces, the expressions plastered to their faces, which I loved. There was something about being able to switch out heads and bodies, choosing outfits, choosing genders, choosing professions and even places in time that these little yellow people could exist. Some days, that was better than a damn teddy bear.

Standing Small

This one's about the figurines!


Endpapers are so very pretty

Look at that smirking train engineer! Look at that chef’s perfectly curled ‘stache! Look how the knight and the … is that a lady? Or a male rock star from the ‘70’s? Hard to tell. But look how they have the same face and it’s so charming and perfect! Oh I do love Legos.

The Lego Book, DK, Oct. 2009.